:( (2006-11-14 - 6:44 p.m.)

I was trudging through the snow on the way home from work today, mentally composing a Christmas list. Had a great idea for something to make for Grandma F. and was running through the details idly before reality kicked in and I realized that Grandma doesn't need presents from me anymore.

Good lord. It's been nearly two years. It would appear that though my conscious mind is good to go, my subconscious seems to be stuck in the denial stage. Don't know what to do about that. I miss my grandma and that's all there is to it.

Was thinking about Auntie Betty the other day too and my yearly Bucket o' Cornflake Cookies birthday present. No matter what else I got, that always stole the show. I could eat them whenever I wanted, and they were mine alone and did not have to be shared with brothers. Ah, selfish childhood memories. But yeah, was looking at some pictures taken at Auntie Betty's and remembering all the Sundays I spent there. Too bad it's a denture clinic now.

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