hair and rambling (2004-05-08 - 4:41 p.m.)

There is a lady shouting into the phone in a heavy Jamaican accent just behind me. Might make concentrating interesting.

So it's finally the weekend (which is ridiculous, as this was a short week anyway... but somehow it still managed to feel extremely long). My job is so BORING. However, sounds like as the summer season begins, there will be more and more group flights leaving to Canada, which means more and more chances to escape fascinating days of stuffing envelopes and typing visa forms into the computer and run off to Heathrow to put people on planes. Sadly I will probably get to do only one in every three or four, as I'm sure everyone else in the Commonwealth dept wants to get out just as badly as I do.

On the plus side, working at a place where there are about six people in the whole building over the age of thirty finally came in handy yesterday. There was a bit of a party for two people who are leaving at a bar close to the office. I wasn't going to go (on a Friday afternoon the last people I really want to see are the people who remind me of work), but as someone who keeps complaining that I don't know very many people, it seemed pretty counterproductive to skip it.

This is a pretty rambley entry, isn't it? I notice my sentences keep getting longer. I didn't really get too much sleep last night, which I think is the explanation.

Anyway, it was actually a pretty good time till they turned the music up too loud to talk. Met some people that I'd seen in passing, talked to some I knew, and got the names of a whole swack more that I didn't know existed. Turns out that although I'm the only temp on my floor, half of the floor below me is composed of temps who ALSO don't know anyone's name yet. Comforting, I suppose.

The best part of the bar, though, was the bathroom. It was some swanky, and it had two parallel mirrors so you could see how you looked from the back. I spent a ridiculous amount of time seeing what my hair looked like from tthe back.

Did I mention that I got my hair cut? It's from a place that Tom recommended. Expensive but (I suppose) worth it. Anyway all I asked is that the front be left long, which had the effect of getting him to cut the back reallyreally short. My mother would be pleased. She's been trying to convince me to try short hair for years, and now I have by accident. Looks pretty good, though. Very cosmopolitan, in my opinion (which is a bit odd because I tend to be extremely UN-cosmopolitan).

Oh great, I just noticed the guy at the computer beside me (the one with really bad breath) has packets of Lemsip and Strepsils piled beside his computer. Now I'll probably catch some dire disease from being breathed on by him. Argh!

Right, this is getting ridiculous. Time to stop rambling and go get some groceries.

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