gym, airport, bank (2004-05-06 - 9:38 p.m.)

Ah, the endorphins are flowing! Yes that's right, I finally followed my own advice and got some exercise (the best form of stress relief). There's a women-only gym around the corner that Tom's ex-girlfriend Sarah recommended, so I tried it out. It was quite good, although expensive (6 for one go). I can't get a membership because they only sell them by the 6 months. However, I may try the gym closer to work and see if that's any better.

At any rate, I just about killed myself there today and it feels SO good. Got rid of a lot of lactic acid built up in my muscles! I will be regretting it tomorrow, though, as I will be super-sore.

Got to go to the airport yesterday to drop off two groups of BUNACers on their flights to Canada. It was great! Left work at 10:30 and Tubed it to Heathrow, collected the participants, got them checked in, and got to go home early! There was one problem with a BA staff guy who wasn't going to let this poor scared 18-year-old check in. "This ticket isn't valid!" "Yes, it is, it's a BUNAC group flight." "Well, I don't see a name on it! They won't let him into Canada." Argh, SO frustrating when 14 other people in the group had already checked in with no problem at all. Still, finally the BA guy gave in and I saw the students off to what I hope is a great time in my home and native land!

Also got some stuff sorted with the bank yesterday. Was alarmed to see my balance was 0. Turns out the account my pay is being deposited into is not the same one my bankcard can take money out of! However, it effectively means I've lived for a month on two weeks salary without knowing it, which is a good sign.

Out of time! au revoir!

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