green fuzzy snake in the Christmas cookies (2005-12-28 - 4:42 p.m.)

Things my brother has done today:

1. Did a spasmodic sort of jig in the hallway for ten minutes while singing a refrain from Billy Bishop Goes to War ("A Canadian boy, England's pride and joy...")

2. "Lost" his book and accused everyone in the house of moving it, before finding it downstairs exactly where he left it.

3. Sorted me out a Supergold membership. (I can post images now! Very exciting! I love new toys).

Things my dad has done today:

1). Paced madly up and down muttering, "I should be doing something". (Does not necessarily take to holidays very well). Then went off to unplug my brother's toilet.

2). Hid a green fuzzy snake in the cookie jar and scared my aunt half to death.

And that's the exciting news from Rocky.

From Monday:

Ah, Rocky. I went for a walk (back to Tim's, where I was sleeping) last night down the middle of the road and was stunned by how many stars I could see. I forgot what night-time in Rocky is like, or at least it strikes me every time I come back. I always loved going skating on the Oval because you can see every single star in the sky and the air feels so fresh.

Went for a walk across the lake today. Too snowy to skate across it, unfortunately, but the walk was nice. My grandma came almost all the way across. That woman is a trouper. I love how the bubbles get trapped in the ice. They look like a 3-D sculpture in green glass. They just rise until they hit the layer of ice and freeze there, so there are bubbles at all different levels in the ice.

The lake when not frozen:

Best stocking stuffer this year, in my opinion: the Amazing Hopping Lederhosen.

Seasons Greetings from the Intolerant Fundamentalists! (The following was posted here.) The same site explains that C.S. Lewis (despite writing Mere Christianity and the Screwtape Letters) was actually a hell-bound, sun-worshipping pagan. What do you know?

"The Lord is laughing in mockery at the heathen at this time of year, and I believe He is mocking a lot of Christians who have draped the church house with rubbish from Babylon. I want you to join our Holy God as he mocks and laughs in derision at the stupid idiots who try to paganize Jesus Christ at this time of year. Do it out loud. Do it in WalMart. Do it to the saints in the local church as they wear themselves to a frazzle trying to convince the little brats in Sunday School to memorize their lines for the play. Pray that little Johnny will again yell, "Ma, I gotta go pee" when it is his turn to say his part, like he did last year."

How sweet. Merry Christmas (or not) to you as well.

I am staying at the home base for a few more days. Haven't seen my parents in six months, so it behooved me to hang around a bit. Besides, I like it here.

So what are your New Years plans? (Since you can now leave me comments!)

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