The log-haulin', ice-skatin' Rocky workout (2005-12-30 - 12:14 a.m.)

Today's workout:

Upper body: moving a large proportion of these logs

onto this truck

using that ramp.

I worked smarter, not harder (and said so several times, just to annoy my brother) by scrounging some wood from the shed to use for the ramp. Those were good solid bits of tree. Whoever cut them down left them in chunks that came up to my knees. If I'd tried to lift them all I don't think I'd be able to move at this point. Even Will eventually gave in and used my improvised tool.

Lower body and cardio workout was achieved by doing 45 minutes worth of 3/4 laps of the skating oval. (Would have been full laps but inconveniently there were two games of shinny right in the middle of the thoroughfare, rather than on the separate rink that's set up for the purpose. Bah. Kids these days).

Yep, this entry is pointless and is solely to test out my new image-posting abilities. Pretty cool though, hey? Too bad I didn't get a photograph of the idiots on the skating rink. Because that would have been REALLY exciting.

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