all quiet on the western front (2005-07-07 - 8:22 a.m.)

It would seem all the excitement is over, although I may be speaking too soon. Or, to be more precise, there will probably be more protests and people smashing things, but now it's out at Auchterader and Stirling and the focus is off Edinburgh. (Theoretically). There was some nasty stuff going on out there yesterday - I was at Brad's for dinner last night to see the news and the Live 8 concert and saw footage of idiots in masks smashing cars and Burger Kings with metal poles. So not impressed.

Again, though, the police seem to be doing a decent job of not escalating the violence. There was one guy who was all bloody and claimed he didn't do anything to deserve it, but in general not too many injuries (and mostly among the police - they were saying some of the violent ones actually followed the injured officers to the hospital to try and prevent treatment, which is ridiculous and horrible).

I was a bit worried getting to Brad's last night, because I had to get past Murrayfield Stadium (where Live 8 was held) and across Princes Street. Surprisingly, Murrayfield was no problem for busses although the sidewalk was packed with people walking from Haymarket station. Princes Street was fine as well - I did see a skirmish by the Mound, but I don't think it had anything to do with the protests as it just seemed to be overexcited neds in tracksuits shouting at each other. One of them got arrested and that was that.

Kind of glad I got to see the Live 8 concert. I didn't text in for tickets so I had no chance of going anyway, although to be honest it rained and looked like it was a bit miserable standing in the rain watching mostly C-list Brit pop acts. Although I would have loved to see the Proclaimers (all the Scots say they're a big joke here, but I have a lingering fondness for them - reminds me of hearing "Sunshine on Leith" in the suburban everytime my mom drove me to the orthodonist in Red Deer) and there was a lot of African stuff that was pretty cool. Oh well, I get to see Franz Ferdinand later in the summer so that will be my summer gig.

I can't wait for this week to be over. There is a medieval jousting show of some kind on Sunday in Linlithgow which I'm going to, which should be really cool. This was my fantasy as a kid, living in a place filled with castles and going to see jousting on the weekend! Besides which, I get in free because of Historic Scotland.

The week is sort of dragging. I've been shouted at a lot these past few days by people calling up, with complaints that have nothing to do with me. (I hate customer service!) One yesterday gave a long litany of complaints from way before I started here, and ended with "Thank you for your WONDERFUL CUSTOMER SERVICE" in a very sarcastic tone before slamming down the phone. Bah. And another one called and then put me on hold when her mobile rang! For five minutes! Needless to say I hung up, but I can't believe people sometimes.

Oh well, whatever. Two more days till the weekend...

Oh yeah, and I lost my pedometer. :( Easy come, easy go. On the plus side, now no one has to hear about how many steps I took today! I can order one off the back of the packet of Special K cereal bars for 5, and maybe I will. It's interesting to know how much I actually walk. (It's a fat percentage measurer as well, which could be a bad thing). I do miss my wee pedometer, though.

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