London bombs (2005-07-08 - 8:49 a.m.)

Carnage in London! These days I wish I had TV, because I'd love to watch the news. What a weird couple of day. Rioting in Edinburgh (Edinburgh!) If anything it's usually criticised for being too staid!), then London gets the Olympic Games and is elated, and now this. I can't believe it. When I lived in London we were scared it would happen because that was during the Madrid bombings. I remember being in the Tube and thinking of what it would be like if it exploded. And now it's happened and it's horrible and I can't quite believe it. I WISH I could watch the news!

The paper this morning was full of photos of people with blood streaming down their faces and stories of limbs lying disembodied on Tube seats. It's all so horrible. I don't understand all these people using violence to make their point lately. It's not justified and it doesn't help anything, and what about all those families whose mom or dad didn't come home last night?

We actually had someone call in from London yesterday. They were frantically trying to get through to their sister and the people in reception put them through to us for some reason. It was pretty horrible because she was very distraught and there was nothing I could do because I had no idea who her sister was or where she worked.

The scariest thing is that one of the bombs was at Liverpool Street, just down from Bethnal Green where I used to live. Scary. Steph told me to stay off the busses, but to be honest I will be VERY surprised if anyone decides to bomb the #26 Corstorphine bus.

Apart from that, at least it's Friday. My bus driver this morning decided to stop for a loo break for 10 minutes and threw my commute off, but apart from that it's looking like a pretty decent day. I get to go off the phones later this morning and do some paperwork, which always pleases me. Only for a few hours, but we get off a half hour early today so it's all good.

I saw a car on Comely Bank Road today with the license plate "K1L TED". Cool!

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