dodgy webpage designs (2006-02-06 - 9:35 a.m.)

So seeing as I'm semi-unemployed (less unemployed than last week, though!) I figured I may as well do something useful with my time, so I am 1). teaching myself basic HTML so I can make this page more interesting and 2). reading up on "marketing for small businesses".

So if you notice some eye-achingly bad designs in this space in the next couple of days - that will be me, practicing. I suppose I already know the basics: it's more a matter of mastering some slightly more complicated stuff and trouble-shooting. Pretty interesting, though - although greatly hampered by the fact that the internet at the house is really dodgy and has a strong tendency to stop working for hours, right when I really need it.

The marketing thing is for another Steve project, of course. Entrepreneur Boy strikes again. If he gets this one off the ground it might be fairly interesting, though. If.

Had a good first day at VV, despite being LATE (stupid Edmonton Transit, grrr - misjudged that one). The job is not so exciting, but does tend to attract the interesting people - students and hippies and hipsters and anyone else with an interest in vintage/strange clothes. They can only give me part-time hours, which is just as well since I fully intend to get a decent job as soon as possible.

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