February changes everything (2006-02-03 - 10:39 a.m.)

It's all starting to happen suddenly. Is there something magical about February? Because as soon as February hit, everyone suddenly wanted to interview me or hire me. As I recall, the same thing happened last year... Maybe it's just that January is the worst possible time to try and get a job.

Regardless, I finally accomplished Goal 1: rubbish job to pay the bills. That's right, I am Value Village's newest employee. And yes, it was indeed the thought of first pick of the new (old) stuff and a 50% discount that made me apply. It was pretty funny - they interviewed me and said they had to talk amongst themselves and then have me back in for another interview. Then they sent me outside for two seconds and gave me the second interview on the spot. Then they called today to offer me the job.

At which point three people in a row called to offer me interviews for PROPER jobs in the next two weeks. But having thought about it, it wouldn't be so bad to keep the VV thing part-time if I do manage to get a proper job. I can pull a Will and work 75 hours a week! And then have lots of money for road trips! (Although no time off. Hmmm - may have to rethink this).

So speaking of goals, here are things I want to do this year:

1). Go to Yellowknife, NWT (how has yet to be determined, as it costs a fortune) and visit my cool great-aunt, if I can catch her at home. She's always out roaming the world.

2). Go to Saskatchewan for Margaret's wedding. She swears that province is more interesting than it sounds. I am sceptical but willing to be convinced.

3). Tag along with Kiwi Michael for a few days. He's doing the Grand Tour of Canada (and selected bits of the States) that I've always wanted to do. I know I won't be able to do the whole trip (Vancouver to Nova Scotia), but hey, a girl can dream...

So here's to working my butt off in dreich February and spending May on the road!

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