everything changes (2005-04-23 - 12:59 p.m.)

Part three in my sudden attempt to change my entire life in a month. Yep, that's right, I found a flat! It was all rather unexpected, to be honest. It was halfway through the week and I thought, right, I better stop looking till after I get back or I'll never have time to get everything sorted. Then a guy I'd emailed earlier in the week got back to me about coming to see his flat in Stockbridge. I figured I might as well. I stopped by that evening and got along pretty well with Matt, the Kiwi who showed the flat. Wasn't expecting to hear back, to be honest, because he told me he'd had tons of people (all Canadian, for some reason!) through to see it. And then I got the call last night, along with a call from the landlord saying, "Can you have the 300 deposit to me by tomorrow?" ACK!

But I managed to get it sorted due to an emergency loan from my parents (THANK YOU - I really didn't want to have to ask!) The problem is that I won't get my last cheque from the hotel until next week, and all my cash at the moment is in Euros, so I can eat while I'm in Spain. Cue a couple of sleepless nights and a lot of stress.

But anyway, the flat's really nice - three bedrooms, two good-sized double rooms and a tiny boxroom with a single bed. The one I got is the smaller of the two doubles (so cheaper). It's about what I would have paid at my old place were I paying council tax like I'm supposed to - and to be honest I would rather just pay it and not have to worry about it.

There's also a really good-sized lounge (though the kitchen is on the small side) and a ton of storage space in my room. There's a communal yard out back as well, and the Kiwi says people have barbies out there in the summer! It's across the street from a big grocery store and on a bus route almost to work. I'm really hoping it works out... suppose there's no way to tell if it will be good but I REALLY wanted to move, and this seems like a move in the right direction. Besides, everyone keeps telling me how nice Stockbridge is.

SO. Today will be spent napping (been way too stressed out to sleep at night like a normal person), packing for Barcelona and trying to pack my entire room into whatever boxes and bags I can find. Then it's Jen's going-away party tonight - can't skip that - and a 6:30 am airport bus for an 8 am flight tomorrow.

Then Spain, which I haven't even had time to think about... then back next Sunday at 3 pm, finishing up the last bit of packing, dumping everything into a black cab and moving to Stockbridge! I'm really hoping Craig can find someone to take the room in the next week, because I need my deposit back from the old room in order to pay rent in the new place. Good lord. I've never been very good at doing things the easy way. Wish me luck...

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