barcelona ho (2005-04-24 - 2:11 p.m.)

I got to Barcelona safely! As per the normal course of things I managed to a). stay up nearly all night at Jenīs leaving do, because almost everyone I know in Edinburgh was there (all the Canadians, anyway) and b). miss the airport bus by one second and have to take the next one. Par for the course, really. However, I did make it on to the plane and had a good flight over. Got semi-lost on the way to the hostel, as per usual. Hostel is a dump but at least there is free internet! Going to go check out their sister hostel this afternoon and see about maybe moving somewhere else for the next few nights - or I could go straight to Valencia on Wed.

However, on first impressions Barcelona is a pretty great-looking city (though yes, it does smell of urine, as some American was whining on one of the hostel websites) and I am going to get my butt outside and see some of it instead of staring at a computer!

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