cat attack (2005-12-22 - 11:55 p.m.)

Misha (white hairball kitty and my former roommate) has developed a habit of leaping onto peoples' backs when they bend over to tie their shoes. I am almost sure he didn't do that when I lived at the House of Steve and was somewhat startled when a giant claw-studded weight landed on my back. Because he doesn't just stand there, he tries to climb his way up to your shoulders to say hi. It can be somewhat disconcerting. I hope he never tries that on my dad or we will be short one furry roommate.

I think Misha is my best non-human friend. He's always good for a cuddle (though I really wish he would stop trying to French-kiss me. Just doesn't do it for me) and he's good company. Tonight we chilled on the couch with a hot whisky (for medicinal purposes: Steve is getting a cold and I thought I better make one for the rest of us for the purposes of prevention). Misha did not get any whisky but he served as an admirable hot-water bottle. I don't think I've been that relaxed in about six months.

I got a couple of Delgados albums off Steve and good lord! They are amazing! I am beginning to understand why Jason went on about them so much. I think I may have to stay well away from A&B Sound from now until I have money (ha, if ever) because I feel a music-buying spree coming on.

It's starting to feel properly like Christmas. Steve and Ashley have gifts piled all over the living room and my grandma is in town. (Exciting!) My brother is Alberta Bound as well and I am starting to get excited. Going to be interesting trying to sort out Derek's room. He let me crash in it while he is in Winnipeg, which to be honest seems only fair since he has been using my bed for a year now. It was my room as well, but it barely resembles its former self. Derek has packed the contents of a one-bedroom apartment in here, and my stuff has kind of mingled with his piles of books and clothes and soccer cleats. Going to be interesting trying to separate this in order to pack. AGAIN. (I will be happy to have a home).

However, it is late and I have agreed to go swimming with John again tomorrow morning, so I must be off. Three more sleeps till Christmas!

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