hangin' around this old town (2005-12-21 - 11:22 a.m.)

This is starting to get old:

- So, what do you do?

- Um, nothing at the moment.

- Nothing? You're not working?

- no....

- Oh. Where do you live?

- Um, nowhere at the moment. {desperate attempt not to sound like a complete bum} I've been out of the country...

Yep, fun. On the other hand, I am certainly not arguing with all this time off. Being a bum is fun indeed. Just have to remember not to spend money.

After a slow start in Edmonton (okay, okay, or a burning desire to leave again the moment I set foot in the place) I have begun to remember what I liked about this town. The marvellous people. Saw the old Circle K crowd on Monday night at Steph's new place, and got re-introduced to Funky Pickle pizza. Don't ever try the falafel variety, though. Not as good as it sounds.

Also went for a day-long shopping trip with Valerie, caught up on the gossip and got re-introduced to A&W. There are some things you know you shouldn't crave, but sometimes it can't be helped. A girl just needs a Teenburger once in a (very long) while. I am going to get Val to teach me some useful phrases in French. Any suggestions? I can already ask where the loo is and swear profusely in both French of France and Quebecois.

And went out for pasta with Rob last night. Lovely meal, excellent conversation: could not ask for more. Rob is busy planning his wedding (mostly, it would seem, by focussing on the wedding-cake-testing part) and trying to finish his PhD. He hopes to end his career in research by bottling anti-matter. For a very, very brief second I regretted not going into physics. Bottling anti-matter: HOW COOL WOULD THAT BE?!

Rob also tells me that there is such a thing as 99% cocoa chocolate. This I may have to try. 70%? Pah! For amateurs!

Things I did not realize I missed about Alberta:
- the way the sky looks when it's properly cold out: sort of crisp and sharp
- the tocking sound of frozen boots on frozen pavement
- proper-tasting ketchup
- A&W onion rings
- toques as a fashion accessory
- actual friendly shop assistants
- going for a walk on a cold clear night

UK things I miss already:
- pubs that you want to be in because they are friendly and cozy, even if you aren't drinking
- Safeway brand whisky, for cheap hot whiskies
- being able to cross the road anywhere you want without risking your life, because the roads are so narrow
- walking down the street and hearing six different accents in passing. So boring when we all sound the same
- sticky toffee pudding, of course.

Went to a house party last night. It was a friend of John's from school. Evil Mike and I tagged along and surprise surprise, shut the party down by being the last to depart. We did a secret santa exchange and I got the rubbish gift, but through some shrewd bargaining ended up with a bottle of Advocaat instead. Do I like Advocaat? I do not know, but I do know that it trumps a box of Nintendo brand mints.

In other news: my sister got in a hockey fight! That's right, the gloves came off. She claims she "didn't start it, this girl just started shoving me". Hmmmm. As long as she finished it. Following her sister's lead as the team enforcer, I see.

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