sunny Saturday (2005-06-11 - 4:36 p.m.)

We shall see if I have time to post this, as I've just got the low time warning at the internet cafe. I want internet at home so bad! Anyway...

Today I went to the Tree Festival in Inverleith Park. As you would imagine, it was pretty interesting - lots of wood carvings and what-not for sale, not to mention fudge and hemp stuff. I also got offered some herbal tea from the herbalists' tent, and got a free pedometer from the Scottish Forestry Commission. The challenge is to walk 3000 steps to win a water bottle: I have so far walked 3788 in an hour and still have to get home from the cafe. I will wear the pedometer out at this rate!

I find the more I get out and see more of Edinburgh, the more I love it. How am I ever going to leave come fall?! But I will enjoy it in the meantime - and, paradoxically, I am so excited to be leaving the city and going home on Tuesday that everything else is taking a backseat.

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