Grand is a good cook (2005-07-03 - 10:36 p.m.)

Thank you to Grand for dinner and for letting me use his computer for post number two today! He made a very impressive three-course meal (including chicken-fried rice, WHICH I even managed with chopsticks!) and kindly let me use his internet.

Forgot to mention that I went to Dunfermline today, just to check it out. We saw the Abbey, complete with Robert the Bruce's grave, and the Palace, which was completely in ruins. Not only did they have Robert's grave, they had a cast of his skull. Rather a creepy thing to come across in the middle of a church... The Abbey was really nice, though, especially the old bit of it with all the stone pillars. The Palace was a bit disappointing (although I'm guessing my standards have been artificially inflated lately!) It was hard to tell what each room had been before it fell to ruin.

Anyway, must go be social with Grand, who has just put my hat on and is clowning about...

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