flat-hunting (2004-04-06 - 9:52 p.m.)

Have started the job. As promised, it's boring as heck. Stuffing envelopes! However, as I surmised the office is good to work in and the people are cool. Also I can tell I will be learning a heck of a lot about Britain, which could be interesting. And it's my 3rd consecutive job I'm allowed to wear jeans to! sweet.

In other news, I'm looking for a place, which sucks a whole heck of a lot. I hate this. It doesn't help that I have to change rooms every night at the hostel, which means packing everything in the morning before work, throwing it in the luggage room and checking back in after work. Except that I've spent the last two days looking for places after work. It's been really crazy and I've been running around till 9 or 10... to no avail, so far. I've looked at three. One wanted a six-month lease, one didn't include use of the living room and the bedroom was tiny (which would become depressing very quickly, I think) and one was a complete slum with 8 other people in the house. I'm considering the slum, though. I hit it off pretty well with the roommate who showed me around and it's dirt cheap. Plus the area's nice, and there's definitely no lease! Sort of a traveller's house.

So yeah, I think this week is the worst yet. I might just move into the cheap place - at least I won't have to pack my bags every morning like this.

On a happier note, thanks tons to Steve for finally sending my credit card (sorely needed, at this point) and a bonus of some really great CDs! Happiness. Thanks as well to my Grandma, who has sent me money for Easter chocolate. I will definitely be enjoying that.

speaking of chocolate... I discovered Bisc&M&Ms today. Chocolate covered biscuits with M&Ms on top. Bad news - I sense another potential addiction. mmmm!

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