conjunctivitus again (2005-07-22 - 1:16 p.m.)

Well, on the plus side I'm not at work and it's a gorgeous Friday. Unfortunately, I'm not at work because I have stupid conjuntivitus AGAIN and the medication makes my eyes blurry and the infection makes them light-sensitive. Blah.

I started noticing my eyes bothering me Wednesday night, but I went to work Thursday anyway. My supervisor Estelle took one look at my right eye and sent me home to the doctor - so I walked for an hour to get to work, stayed for five minutes and left again. However, the doctor was very nice and prescribed me some eye-drops (I think this is a much less serious infection than last year's, as it doesn't hurt or itch nearly as much). Took the rest of the day off and spent most of it not doing anything very useful, and today's been more of the same. It's not just the eye thing - for some reason I've been really run down and SO tired lately. I don't know if it's my body trying to fight the infection or what, but it's no fun. I woke up this morning and had my shower and just felt like I couldn't possibly move, let alone walk to work. I hate feeling so pathetic but the theory is that if I rest now maybe I will get better quicker, and be back to my old self. I hope so.

So yes, it's a beautiful sunny day out and I can't really be out in it, because the light hurts my eye and I have to close it or squint. Can't wear sunglasses because I'm not allowed near my contacts until this clears up, and sunglasses won't fit over my glasses frames. I would like to go do something but I'm so tired and I've been walking so slowly because I can't seem to manage to go any faster. I don't know what I'll do when I get old, because I have no patience at all with my body's little breakdowns and I hate being forced to move slowly. I will be in big trouble when it all starts falling apart completely. Perhaps I'll have learned some patience by then.

Speaking of my body, I got my Kellogg's pedometer thing, which is also a body-fat measurer. I had to check, of course, and it would appear I'm 33.5% fat. Somewhat sobering to think I'm composed of one-third fat, but anyway. According to the little chart they give you I'm one-half percent into the "overfat" range. Charming. Somehow I can't get too excited about trying very hard to lose half a percentage point of fat, though. I suppose I'll just have to live with being overfat. And I'm certainly not going to follow their little diet, which consists of eating a lot of Kelloggs products and paying through the nose for them.

I don't have the pedometer on today, as it would be too depressing. Honestly, it's as much as I can do to shuffle about at all, let alone walk any normal distance. I hope I'm back to my usual self soon. No fun having the day off when there's nothing interesting you have the energy to do.

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