my life is boring (2004-12-13 - 4:35 p.m.)

Good heavens, I just realized it's a week until I leave for the Netherlands! How the heck did that happen? It totally snuck up on me and I am NOT ready. For one thing, I should probably warn the temp agency that I'll be gone... oops, should have mentioned that to them earlier.

I just had the most boring weekend I've had in a long time. I had to work both days, and there was NOTHING going on in the evenings... or rather, there was supposed to be, but all my plans fell through. I ended up cleaning the bathroom on a Friday night. Grrrr. On the plus side, I did go out on Sunday with Grand from Lethbridge and his Kiwi friends. We saw "Riding Giants", a surfing documentary. Turned out to be quite good, actually, though I don't think I'll ever take up big wave surfing. Quite a lot of quotes from people going out on the water, saying, "Right, my odds are 50-50 of surviving this...", which to me is not nearly good enough! It was directed by Stacy Peralta, who also did "Dogtown and Z-Boys", an excellent documentary on the origins of skateboarding which my former roommate Marc loved. Both are worth seeing - interesting view of two subcultures I didn't know much about.

I got myself some sushi from Sainsbury's today. Haven't had sushi since I left Canada. It wasn't bad, either. Six maki rolls that came with a tiny wee bottle of soya sauce shaped like a fish. I was very impressed!

And by that, you can tell how exciting my life is at the moment. Ah well, I have a week's trial membership at the gym, so I can fill in the time getting back into slightly better shape. And going to interviews. One more week till it's time for Christmas trees and Rem's cooking!

ps. A gratuitous Newfie joke, in honour of my friends from PEI (some say, the next best thing to Newfies!):

Two Newfoundlanders are chatting.

One asks the other,"Which is further, Vancouver or the Moon?"

The other replies: "HELLOOOOO, can you see Vancouver?"

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