second post of not much import (2005-06-08 - 2:46 p.m.)

Two posts in one day! So there, William John (who has publicly stated that I don't post enough). Speaking of which, I would like to publicly state that Will is a bloomin' redneck and that hippies are great. And that I will most likely be marching in the Make Poverty History G8 protest in Edinburgh, despite the fact that I know perfectly well it will make next to no difference to world events. I seem to be a strange mixture of activist and cynicist (is that a word?)

Speaking of which, I see that Sir Bob "Publicity" Geldorf has publicly stated that he wants a million people to descend on Edinburgh during the summit. He wants kids to skip school and come, he wants the French to sail across the Channel and come... in fact, he wants small English boats to sail across the Channel and pick the French up so they can come! Which is all fine and dandy except it's not HIS city he's trying to get a million unregulated people to descend on. I rather like activists in general, but Edinburgh can't handle too many people and there are always the odd idiot that comes to these things to smash things because they think it's "anarchist". Bah. I appreciate the sentiment, Bob, but you could have thought this through a little better. That being said, there's no way in heck a million people will turn up, so I can't say I'm really worried. Should be an interesting week, one way or another. The press here is having a field day with the fact that the government can't beg, borrow or steal enough port-a-loos to handle all the campers.

So I finally got around to booking on with the NHS. The nurse gave me an examination and says my blood pressure's low, which might explain all the light-headedness. Nothing to be done, though, except trying not to get too dehydrated. It's been really bad lately - even last night I was so lightheaded I could barely climb Calton Hill. Not cool but there doesn't seem to be a medical reason, so I will just have to deal with it.

Scottish phrase of the day: "No wonder I take a drink" (courtesy of the woman who sits across from me after the computer crashed three times in a row.)

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