return of the zombie project (2007-02-28 - 8:00 p.m.)

Man, for something I thought I handed in the final version of three weeks ago, this report sure refuses to die. Then I did some frantically requested updates to the graphs last Monday and thought THAT was the final version.

But nope, got in yesterday to find a tersely-worded sticky note to the effect that my previous 50 graphs were not what was needed and I should start reworking the data immediately, due that night. Oh, and also could I please add in an extra 200 records while I was at it.

Oh well, the OT will pay for the Eccos I bought today on the way home from work. Half price!! They are also Gore-Tex, though not quite as pretty as my current babies.

I officially start getting benefits tomorrow. This is very good news as I've felt vaguely uneasy about trundling along without disability insurance of any kind. I went so far as to look into getting it on my own steam, only to have all the insurance agents I called not bother calling me back.

So lots of people have been getting shot lately near me! Specifically, someone at my bus stop on Jasper, and a stand-off in a building close to work. (Not to mention that guy who sprayed bullets into the Red Light Lounge up the street a few months ago). I suppose I should be creeped out, but I actually like being where the action is. (Just hopefully the action does not involve me getting shot.)

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