downward-facing blog (2007-03-15 - 9:48 p.m.)

I looooooove yoga.

I am a total novice (although I am super-flexible, which apparently isn't necessarily a good thing: the instructor comes up behind me a lot, shoves my hips into place and scolds me for "hanging in my joints", whatever that means, because I am so flexible).

You can tell I'm in a good mood from the run-on sentences. Clauses, lots of clauses!

Anyway. Today's class was particularly challenging, meaning it wasn't so fun during but feels amazing now. I find that since I've been going every week I'm paying slightly more attention to my body. Or at least, I still walk into things just as much (so my proprioception has not improved) but now I notice when I am tensing up and deliberately relax my jaw and force my shoulders away from my ears. This can only be a positive development.

And I need it this week, let me tell you! This is the Week of No Downtime, which, although filled with fun things, tires me out. (Yesterday, for example, Steph and I split a Mint Oreo Blizzard and then watched college students strip in the Grant MacEwan drama class production of The Full Monty). I am glad it is a tiredness born of too much interesting activity, but it's leaving precious little time for things like collapsing on my couch or dishes.

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