Wintersports (2006-12-29 - 11:28 a.m.)

Oh there's no place like Rocky for the holidays....

Grace and I have been heavy into the winter sports this week. She grew up to be pretty good company - who'd have guessed? Yesterday we went snowshoeing and cross-country skiing (ie. we only own one pair of snowshoes, so we traded off shoes and skis.) We went out to Crimson Lake, also known as my favorite place in the world. Although beautiful in the summer (see above), it is also gorgeous when the snow falls. Someone had cleared a path around the lake, so we skied/snowshoed around that - with the sun behind us and the crisp clear snow all around. In places you could see the incomparable dark green of the lake ice. Not quite as fun as that year that there was no snow and you could skate all around the lake - but nice nonetheless.

In the evenings we have been skating at the Oval. The first night it was clear and we did ten laps. The next night there was 8 inches of snow on it, so we did one lap with a snowshovel to clear ourselves a path. Then I continued to skate, while Grace (who has some weird hobbies) had a fun time shovelling off the rest of the ice.

So turns out this TV thing might not be so bad - sometimes they show old movies late at night. The other day it was An Affair to Remember and Monkey Business. I particularly enjoyed the latter. Mmmmmmm.... Cary Grant as a nerdy scientist. Dreamy!

Here is an outdated, half-written entry from weeks ago to keep you occupied as I somewhat reluctantly drive back to Edmonton.


Derek got his PhD!

Now I am thinking, and what have I done lately?

Okay, must stop comparing. Anyway, he has a good ten years on me and spent years as a ski bum at Whistler before going back to school. I'm not sure what that proves, but somehow it makes me feel better.

What I have done lately is a LOT of analysis-type stuff at work. I love this kind of thing, but deadlines around here tend to be sporadic - as in "oh, you just got the data you needed to finish that? Oh well, it's due in an hour anyway!" Mind you, the program director told me I did a good job, so I guess all this effort counts for something...
So Will is home! He stayed with Michael who very sweetly invited him without any hinting from me. Apparently he was very very kind to them and fed them as well as housed them. He told me Will is very shy and introverted and there was a pause while I digested that. Either he let an impostor into his flat, or William has acquired some European polish of some bizarre sort!

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