oh, the wind and the rain (2008-01-13 - 12:07 p.m.)

Oh man, January in Bangor. Seriously. It's like as soon as Christmas was over it decided to go hard, and make everyone as wet and windblown as possible. Perhaps it is collaborating with the University somehow, to make it more likely that we will stay inside libraries studying like good students - because there's certainly no point in being outside. I can get completely drenched (dripping hair, jeans wet through) in the five-minute walk from the library to home.

New place is good so far. Though it is exactly like living in a shoebox. A really LARGE shoebox, perhaps, but the proportions are exact. I haven't had time to unpack properly, but I am happy to get home and that is a very nice change. No random housemates, no smell of damp, no freezing cold because *I* am in charge of the heat. And I have a washing machine! And a freezer! And a proper cooker! A gas one, even. This couldn't help but be a step in the right direction.

Started learning epee in fencing yesterday. (They start newbies on foil, but the club fences all three swords, so you can also learn sabre and epee). It's a heavier sword but in some ways the rules make more sense to me, so I might give it a shot. My arm hurts today, though.

Anyway, I have a giant literature review worth 100% of my module due on Thursday, so if you'll excuse me...

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