things looking up (2004-06-17 - 10:15 a.m.)

Feeling much less self-pitying today. Sorry about all the rants lately. My eye is still bugging me but much less so - it's just itchy as compared to itchy, sore and impossible to see out of. That stuff the doctor gave me seems to have helped quite a bit. I'm still quite grumbly about the price, though.

The reason I'm pleased today is it was a Heathrow day. Apart from one participant showing up 45 minutes late without so much as a "sorry", it was a good day. Lots of cool people going off to Toronto and Vancouver! They were all quite excited. I'm getting better at repping, too - got to the point where I can actually make small talk instead of standing around looking nervous with the rest of them.

As well, I've finally gotten off my duff (two days before it closes) and booked myself a ticket for "The Black Rider", which has music by Tom Waits and a book by William S Burroughs! This I just had to see. Couldn't convince anyone to come, but it's just as well: the only cheap ticket left was a single. Should be interesting at the absolute least. Did I tell you Marianne Faithfull plays the lead? A full report should be forthcoming.

Also, got my ticket for Fleadh, which is a festival in Finsbury Park (London) on Sunday. It's a one-dayer, but Rob and Francis are coming (plus Annoying American Aaron, Rob's pothead friend) and there's a pretty good lineup. Actually I haven't heard of most of them, but Bob Dylan is headlining! Could absolutely NOT pass that up. Billy Bragg will be there too, and Counting Crows, and lots of bands that are new to me. Please don't ask me how you pronounce Fleadh, either. It's Gaelic, so I asked John (who studied Irish in school) and he didn't know either. I had to ask for my ticket under the name of "that festival in Finsbury Park with Bob Dylan" - quite embarrassing.

St-Jean-Baptiste day is next week as well, and Francis and I are planning on going down to the Maple Leaf pub and seeing if there are any Quebecois drinking there. Then the next week is Canada Day (same plan exactly!) Looking forward to getting out and seeing who else is around.

So yeah, although for some reason I'm completely exhausted all the time, my eye is getting better and there's stuff to look forward to. Thank heavens!

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