my uneventful week (2005-09-16 - 4:26 p.m.)

It might be about time to break out the scarves again, judging by the way I could see my breath this morning.

Also this morning, I forgot my mobile and had to run back into the house. Linda was up (unusual) and I saw her as I was rushing back out. I said hi but didn’t linger, for obvious reasons. This was the ensuing conversation.

Me: “Morning.”
Her: “You don’t have to lock the door.”
Me: “I didn’t lock the door, it locks itself.” {It’s a fire door and locks behind you when you leave}
Her: “Well, I’m home, so don’t lock it.”
Me: “Thanks, I worked that out.”
Her: “Oh, so you do have a brain!”

Keep in mind that this is the first conversation we’ve had since she screamed at me last time. I’m actually slightly reassured that I’m not just imagining that she’s not going out of her way to be pleasant to me. Much better to know where I stand. New policy: stay out of her way as much as possible, be as polite as possible until she says something mean, and then stand up for myself. I don’t want to be on bad terms but I won’t be a doormat either.

So stupid and unnecessary, though.

Anyway, apart from flatmate trouble, it’s been a trying and uninspired week. This no-glasses thing is bad news, as I have to wear my contacts constantly. I’m pretty paranoid because of the summer’s conjunctivitis, so I’m constantly checking for signs of redness or itchiness. I take them out in the evenings just in case, but then I can’t go anywhere or do anything because I can’t see. Think I’ll have to give in and get new ones. Argh.

And my good boots, my really expensive and waterproof ones, have a giant hole in the sole. (I noticed this when one foot ended up soaked last time it rained- don’t really look at the soles of my boots otherwise.) This annoys me as they’re less than a year old. Maybe they can be re-soled – I will go in and ask tonight maybe. Luckily Jane from work has very kindly lent me some walking shoes, so at least my feet aren’t wet!

Last weekend, however, was pretty awesome. Brandon and I couldn’t face the thought of staying in the city, so we decided to go hill-walking. We thought maybe Pitlochry or Peebles, but Pitlochry’s a long way and it’s impossible to get around in the Borders without a vehicle. So we headed for Stirling, which is closer and on the train line. We were going solely on the fact that there were some climbable-looking hills in the area. The lady at the tourist info told us to go to Tillicoultry, which is a tiny town in the middle of nowhere. Did not even get a mention in the Rough Guide.

After getting lost for a bit in Tillicoultry (a ned-ridden wee place – saw an empty bottle of Buckfast on the sidewalk!) we did manage to find a walk out to the hills. It was gorgeous… a hike up a beautiful waterfall and across a bunch of bridges over a huge gorge. Then we scaled one of the gorgeous heather-coloured hills, just for the heck of it. My ankle complained a bit but held up, and we arrived back in Stirling exhausted but pleased about getting out of the city.

That night was Shannon’s last night, so we had to go to Dropkicks. It was a good night wherein we tried a few new places and a few familiar places and just generally had a good time. That’s the last of the Islanders gone until Keri gets back, which is sort of weird and sad.

I got my hair cut yesterday. I love my crazy effeminate hairdresser with three kids. He told me the salon is having their Christmas night out tomorrow. I said, “You’re a little early!” and he said, “Late, actually.”

They have a new shampoo boy there as well - he looks like a ned in metrosexual clothing. He also seemed to be under the impression that washing hair is like scrubbing a floor – the harder you scrub, the better. He was quite vigourous about it, but I certainly felt clean. After the cut my hair looked really awesome for about 20 minutes, and then the Edinburgh wind had its way with it. Brandon got his cut yesterday as well, at Bob the Barber’s. Fifteen minutes before work, £6 and a quick conversation with Bob. Sometimes it would be nice to be a guy.

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