The Top Ten Awesome Moments/Events of 2004 As Experienced and Described by Me (2005-01-10 - 5:31 p.m.)

Posting twice in one day is probably pathetic... but I just realized it's been just over a year since I started this blog. Happy birthday!

In celebration, and because January is a good time for lists:

The Top Ten Awesome Moments/Events of 2004 As Experienced and Described by Me

1. Flying a glider over County Donegal. That was the coolest.

2. The Death Cab for Cutie concert, in Utrecht, Nederland. I got to shake Ben Gibbard's hand! It thrilled my music-geek heart.

3. Visiting the surreal and bizarre Retsin's Lucifernum (Rum House) in Bruges. Very odd, very cool.

4. Lying in a hammock in rural Brittany after some amazing days in Paris and a tour of the French countryside. Joie!

5. Picking up the tour guide on my first day in Edinburgh.

6. The Giant's Causeway trip, as well as Mull, Staffa and Iona. I'm lumping these together for no logical reason - but both trips were great and both locations are gorgeous. Even though I was lazy to post too much about Mull.

7. Steph and Remkes' wedding. A good time was had by all.

8. Canada Day in London. Partying with Australians with maples leaves painted on their faces! And everyone was so polite. Awwww...

9. This spot goes to the really good house parties I've been to this year, including the random house in North London, all the parties on Dunluce Avenue in Belfast and Grand's party in Edinburgh in December. And of course Hogmanay, which was a truly fun time.

10. Steve Earle concert in Belfast. He impressed me more than I expected.

This list will probably change as things occur to me.

Coming soon: the list of things I learned in 2004 (I do this every year rather than resolutions, since my only real resolution is always to try and learn/see/experience more things).

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