tomorrow (2004-06-02 - 8:14 p.m.)

Going to Belfast tomorrow and I am pleased. Backrubs and parties are promised (it's the end of exams for the international students). I'm tired of everything and just want to be around someone who's known me for more than a month. Booking this trip was a very good idea.

Allergies are still bothering me (allergies I didn't know I had!) I'm thinking going to stay in John's smoky old house won't help, but hopefully it won't make it too much worse.

CANNOT wait to get out of here. Never thought I'd be so happy to go to Belfast, but there you are...

In other news, since I got my library card, have been devouring books like there's no tomorrow. Three since Friday and halfway through four more. Will be taking reading material with me on my little holiday!

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