some odd and not-so-odd things happened today (2007-06-07 - 5:00 p.m.)

Things that happened today:

1). I heard Stephen Mandel, the mayor of Edmonton, on the radio. He said, in a very monotone manner, that we should encourage up and coming young Edmontonian artists like Shout. Out. Out. Out. Out. This is very amusing to me as the band name is generally pronounced ShoutoutOUToutOUT, in a very rhythmic fashion. I get the feeling Stephen Mandel does not have much rhythm. However, if he wants to give money to people who do, this is very okay by me.

2). My soon-to-be-former supervisor (she's leaving at end June) took us to lunch at Khazana and I ate enough curry and naan for three good-sized people and probably stretched my stomach.

(This is okay, though - many of my coworkers would much rather eat at Red Robin or McDonalds and therefore ate enough for about a third of a person between them).

3). I had to go for a medical test and had issues with the lovely blue gown they gave me - ie. it ties up the front and there was a large gap right in the chest area on the right-hand side between two tiny ties that are SUPPOSED to preserve your modesty. And once again, one half of my chest made a dash for freedom. Luckily the hall contained only me, the radiologist, and an old lady who wasn't having such a great time with her gown either.

4). On the way home Mabel and I stopped at the gas station. I'd just finished wiping down my windows when WHOOOSH! Half the garage beside the station went up in flames! I stared at it with my mouth open (guys with fire extinguishers everywhere) when the guy behind me said very calmly, in an African accent, "You know this whole place could explode. You should leave as soon as possible". And by golly he was right. The adrenaline rush THAT little piece of advice gave me didn't subside till well after I got home. It looked like they had the fire mostly under control as I dodged out into the 109th street traffic... but yikes.

Still planned for today:

1). Passport photos
2). Yoga
3). Dinner involving a bison roast with bleu cheese and chocolate sauce (don't ask me, it was Cynthia's boyfriend's idea) and a celariac and parsnip mash. And ice cream!

Not only that, but tomorrow is Friday.

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