tapas & Picasso (2005-04-27 - 10:17 a.m.)

Last day in Barcelona, but you better believe I will be back. What a cool city. I have been dividing my time between wandering around/laying on the beach and sightseeing frantically. Monday I didnīt do much - did some wandering around the old town and tagged along with a tour for a few stops (was lost and they seemed to know where they were going!) until I got told off in no uncertain terms by the tour guide. Ouch. Luckily by that point we had ended up somewhere I knew, so I was all right.

Then I switched hostels and had a long, long siesta. I think that was the point at which I started feeling like myself again. Note to self: getting some sleep is a good plan if I want to be any use at all! Spent the afternoon exploring Los Ramblas, the main tourist street in town and stopped at Zara to check out the bargains. Luckily I didnīt find anything, though, since I couldnīt afford it anyway.

That night I met my new roommates at the Seapoint, a Canuck and a few Americans. The Americans are aspiring chefs, so after a quick falafel to fill us up, we headed for the tapas bar. They werenīt cheap, at one euro twenty per bit, but they were a pretty good size. Basically plates of largish pieces of French bread with various toppings, set out all over the bar with toothpicks stuck in them. You take one and stick it on your plate, and then they count the toothpicks at the end to see what you owe. I had a yummy omelette thing with potato in it, and some kind of cheese with blueberry sauce. Amazingly good.

Yesterday was super-sightseeing day, as I had a read of the guide book and found out how much I was missing. Hit the Picasso museum with Rob, the Canuck which was okay except I got shouted at for leaning against the (empty) wall! I liked the Blue Period paintings the best, and was NOT a fan of his work in ceramics.

For lunch we stopped at a six euro all-you-can-eat buffet, and stuffed ourselves.

lots more to tell, but gotta head out... more tonight if thereīs internet at the next hostel.

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