sweetums lay your ugly head down upon your wretched bed (2006-03-19 - 8:12 p.m.)

I discovered the mouse's corpse today. In fact, I nearly stepped on it. Let us have a moment of silence for the mouse. I am not naive enough to believe that he did not leave behind a whole litter of family members, but at least we're one mouse down. I would actually quite happily co-exist with the mice if they didn't leave their droppings all over my pantry, but my German roommates are not so forgiving and so it's been all-out war on our furry little housemates. I am still not allowed to get a cat, however. It was worth a try.

Did everyone drink lots of green beer on St. Patrick's Day? I stuck to the red wine, myself. Had a lovely time at Steph's birthday dinner (rallying cry: "Don't worry! We have a low damage deposit!") and was woken up five hours later (8 am on Saturday) by my father wanting me to drive his car across town. We got a huge, two-feet-in-two-days classic Alberta dump of snow, and veteran winter drivers were slithering all over the road. I can only imagine how I would have done. It's fair to say that winter driving is not my forte, having never owned a car and having avoided driving altogether for the last two years. (Even though I've been back home for months, I still have the occasional flashback where everyone appears to be driving on the wrong side of the road).

Anyway, so the car is in my possession until I manage to get it back down to Rocky so my parents can sell it. Problem being that I live right next to the University in a parking-restricted zone. It's okay on the weekends, but the parking officers are very gung-ho on weekdays. "Right," I thought, "I'll just move it a few blocks further south so I'm out of reach of the parking officers."


It is never so easy in winter (which is what March is) in Edmonton. The car was stuck fast in its own little drift and it wasn't going anywhere. I went in and made puppy-dog eyes at Rene and told him my car was stuck. He said, "Ja?" and went back to watching TV. So I stomped around for a while and considered my options, then went and made puppy-dog eyes at Lee and told him my car was stuck. He leapt into action and made the Germans help as well. We got mine pushed free and then discovered Rene's was immobile as well. I swallowed my grouchiness and helped push him out (with the assistance of two girls from the frat-house across the street! They are better neighbors than I would have expected from my one experience at their place.)

I know I'm very crotchety about the snow, and it certainly is a pain if you're trying to actually leave the house. However, I have to say it's gorgeous. It makes everything so much quieter (except for the roar of engines as people attempt to free their cars) and it covers everything over with a nice, even whiteness. I suppose I did sort of miss that.

Went out last night for Rene's birthday to a salsa club I'd never been to before. For some reason the lady at the door demanded that Lee pay the cover charge for me. "No! You don't pay! He pay!" I have no idea why and neither did Lee, but he did it and saved me six bucks. Anyway, did not do much dancing as I can't salsa, but hoping to remedy that in fairly short order. Free lessons on Wednesdays, apparently!

Apart from that, I have spent the weekend doing useful domestic things and making buns from Grandma's recipe. I also made an unattractive banner ad to put on Diaryland that references the Muppet Frog Prince movie. I doubt that anyone but my siblings will get it, so prove me wrong!

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