sweet surprise (2005-02-18 - 8:49 p.m.)

Happy thing at work today... some lady called and booked a Premiere Double room with a castle view for the 25th of March. She told me all about how it's her anniversary and she wants to surprise her husband with a nice corner room at the hotel. She's stayed with us before and really likes the rooms, etc etc. Then, I swear not five minutes later, I get another call booking a double for that weekend. Halfway through the booking, I realise that the name and address are identical to the first booking. This woman's husband is also booking a room at the hotel to surprise her with a trip to Edinburgh! It was so cute. What a sweet gesture, on both their parts - and how nice to be married to someone who a). tries to surprise you on your anniversary and b). is so in tune with you he comes up with the same surprise.

Made it a little awkward for the poor reservationist, though. In the end, I got Alex to call the woman (who had booked the nicer room, I might add!) and tell her. I hated to spoil the surprise, but we really couldn't book two rooms for them on two separate credit cards!

And yes, things at work are a little better. Everyone is still stressed out, but I'm starting to feel like I'm learning the job a little better. I keep thinking that if everyone was happier and we had enough staff, I might actually like it there. Guess we'll see.

Anyway, happy weekend everyone!

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