sunny day (2005-06-28 - 4:02 p.m.)

I made it back safely! Jet lag sucks, though. I keep having really bizarre dreams, choppy sleeps and groggy days. Was worth it to go home, though...

Had a pretty good trip back. Felt like the lap of luxury, getting a ride to the airport AND having someone stick around to see me off, AND getting magazines bought for me for the trip! Not to mention dinner at Tim Hortons. I should come home more often (if it didn't cost so much and lead to three days of jet lag.) Oh well, a few more months and I will be back for good, and then I bet I'll miss Edinburgh like crazy. So there you go.

It was weird, flying to Glasgow with Zoom. Flyzoom seems to be the Greyhound bus of the sky. There were some STRANGE friggin' people, including a group of kids wearing cowboy hats and voyager scarfs (all speaking with thick Scots accents) and a couple of what I can only describe as really old chavs next to me. The lady kept sticking her bare, horrible, dirty feet across her husband and onto the window. Their LOUD grandchild kept throwing crumbs at everyone, and their chubby daughter was one of those people with orange hair and cheap jewellery wedged into every fold of flesh. On the other hand, the old lady next to me (despite holding the plane up by "not realising we had to be here early!") was very nice and gave me a mint.

Read Will's post about broadening horizons. Man, he was right on the money with that bit about Dad's catchphrases. I can still hear him bellowing, "GEE WHIZ YOU KIDS!" across the room in exasperation. (It sounded more like "JAY WHIZ", actually). And as for horizon broading, I feel like mine have been effectively broadened farther than I thought possible in the past year, despite the fact that I still haven't tasted alligator. (But I have to say I was not THAT picky an eater as a child - just refused to eat zucchini and asparagus.) I suppose I still don't like fish, but apart from that I think I'm decently adventurous now.

I am wearing my pedometer today - finally remembered. It's 2:30 and I've walked 6789 steps. If I stick to my plan to walk home tonight, I should have WELL over 10 000 steps. What a cool gadget. Also, it's interesting to know how much exercise I actually get in a typical day. If I can walk home a couple days a week, it will save bus fare as well as being good for me (though I bet I won't notice - my body doesn't seem to consider walking exercise. If I go to the gym for 45 min three times a week my body shape totally changes. If I walk for 45 min five days a week, no change at all. I don't know why).

The weather is absolutely gorgeous here - a nice change after all the flooding in Alberta. It looked threatening this morning, but now it's lovely. I think I'll go eat my dinner in Inverleith Park. Spent last evening laying around in the Meadows before having dinner cooked for me by Brad. If the whole summer is like this I will be a happy girl.

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