the living is easy (2007-05-30 - 4:15 p.m.)

An Edmonton summer is our reward for putting up with an Edmonton winter. This is my theory, at least. All that sunshine and vast amounts of blue sky... almost makes up for all the months of trudging through the snow. These days I walk to work along a path scattered with flowering plum petals, through warm, perfumed air with the sun shining down. Fingers crossed for three more months of this before I go live in another draughty British house with no double glazing!

Unfortunately, summer has also brought with it six new blisters, as my feet protest their re-introduction to sandals. Possibly forcing them into soccer cleats (I want to say football boots, though, 'cause I like the way it sounds) and rollerblades in close succession also did not help.

It's so nice to play soccer with Math United again. The team's a lot of fun and the weather's been brilliant. And that fake turf stuff is nice to my knees. There are, however, massive swarms of mosquitos colonizing the field - everyone runs around with a little swarm over their head, like a tongue of fire. They kept buzzing around my ears - ugh, horrible.

We are supposed to be entitled to a "coffee break" in the afternoon - of course the smokers take it as a smoke break (and not just in the afternoon, either). I usually forget to take it, but today I did - in the form of a raspberry gelato in the sunshine. Heaven.

This made me laugh because I love the phrase "primal arghing". Very descriptive. I can't think of any words that I hate off-hand, but this office is rife with horrible annoying buzzwords. I think the absolute worst of the worst is "on a go-forward basis" to mean "from now on". What, do they think doubling the number of syllables makes them sound more important?

Oh wait, they probably do.

Today I saw Liam's cat do a perfect Downward-Facing Dog yoga pose. Apparently she's very open-minded about including canine poses in her yoga routine.

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