stressball (2006-03-01 - 11:17 p.m.)

Apparently I am a little stressed. I feel okay during the day, but I've woken up in a panic every night for the last while. I hate that. It's very scary, waking up all confused and freaked out and having to convince yourself that it's all okay and you have a few more hours to sleep. whew.

Why am I stressed? Good question. Work, probably. Not that it's all that hard, but it is a very VERY busy time and everyone is too busy to train me properly, and also stressed out themselves about how to get everything done. I think I've just been infected with everyone else's stress. Fun! Let's all spread the stress meme!

However, I went to the gym today and that should help a lot with the whole sleeping thing. So if you'll excuse me, I'm off for some nice, stress-free (fingers crossed) rest.

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