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Finally back online! It has been (and still is, as a matter of fact) a bank holiday weekend in Northern Ireland. It's Marching Season and the 12th of July is a holiday. Which means I haven't been able to get into the University computer lab to post.

This has been a very, very strange week. The main thing, I suppose, is that I did end up moving out of 117 Dunluce. I'm still not sure if I'll get my deposit back (the landlord's on holiday) but his daughter checked the room and thought it would be okay. Bee and I have moved a few blocks to 37 Fitzroy Avenue. It was very odd - I woke up Thursday morning in Dunluce, and by Friday morning had packed all my stuff (again - three days after moving in), cleaned out John's old room and moved everything to Fitzroy. Bee was the impetus for this. She just couldn't stand living in the squalor (nobody but her and I did dishes, except Ben once in a while) and she just wasn't happy there anymore. I was feeling a bit oppressed myself, so when I found out she'd done the legwork on finding a (much cheaper!) place with two bedrooms so I could come with her, I was definitely in.

So yeah, we're technically living with five other people, but we only see one on a regular basis. Everyone else is Irish, which is kind of cool (though they may as well be speaking Polish half the time, for all I understand the accent!) The kitchen is huge and more or less clean and there are TWO bathrooms AND showers, which I now consider the height of luxury. Am spending a ton of time hanging out with Bee and Paulina (and John when he's not at work) and greatly enjoying it.

Unfortunately I'm still not sure about work. John talked them into hiring me at the hostel to work a couple of night shifts per week (which would at least pay rent) but they're not starting me till next Sunday. I may go check out some temp agencies tomorrow. Sadly with the Bank Holiday, no one was hiring last week and everything is closed this week, so I haven't had much luck.

Anyway, tons more to say (have been watching the Orange Parades, which is why the 12th is a holiday) but the internet here is way too expensive. Will post again when the uni's open again!

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