sibling rivalry (2005-10-07 - 9:06 a.m.)

My brother is hilarious. I want a safe! How cool would that be? And so useful! I think every single one of us inherited the obviously dominant packrat gene from dad's side of the family, and missed out entirely on the "Taming the Paper Tiger just throw it out" gene from mom's. My brother Sam used to (heck, maybe still does) collect old Kleenex boxes. Had a tower of them in his closet several times taller than he was. As for me, you'd think arriving here with one backpack would limit the amount of crap in my room... but no, not at all. I have an impressive collection of rubbish despite the fact I know I'm leaving and will have to cram it all back in a suitcase again eventually.

Was wandering around yesterday with Andrew, who doesn't have any siblings. Man, that would be strange. I suppose I spent nearly three years without any siblings, but I can't say I really remember it. Ever since then they've been around and have shaped my experience (whether I like it or not). Anyway, we were discussing the difference between a siblingless and a sibling-crammed existance, as we watched a little blond kid in a stroller rhythmically kick his big brother - who then got in trouble from the parent for making noise. I thought, "Yup, that looks familiar". Since Tim's recent visit and Will's kindness in sending me the new Corb Lund CD, I have been counting my blessings that my sibs turned out to be people with whom I would actually choose to spend time.

Now that I am on flex-time I like work a lot more. Turns out that getting up 15 minutes earlier means arriving at work half an hour earlier, because the buses are that much less crowded. Seems like a pretty good deal to me and it means I can leave work early here and there. Work has also been much better since half our campsites have closed and I can get on with other things than answering the phone.

I have also become Queen of the Mail Merge. Need any letters merged? I am your girl. What a useful piece of software. Anyway.

Steph called to tell me Thanksgiving is this weekend - otherwise I never would have noticed. I think I'll get a pre-roasted chicken from Safeway (pathetic, but I can't be bothered with turkey) and have some people over. Cranberry sauce!

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