short entry about long weekend (2005-02-28 - 12:11 p.m.)

Feist tonight! I have a giant envelope of Feist freebies that I think I'm supposed to hand out. Or something. Perhaps they will explain when I get to the venue.

Having a great weekend with fellow Canadians. It's nice to be the majority in the flat instead of the minority. It's making me much more aware how much time Craig and Pia spend locked in Craig's room though. I am definitely not invited to the Craig and Pia club. Will have to decide soon whether to move or stay when Pia leaves.

Better update later, but suffice it to say that I climbed a lot of hills and drank a lot of whisky this weekend (not necessarily together, though) and that the million things I have to say will have to wait till I get back from Glasgow.

I love days off!

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