seven minutes! (2004-04-22 - 9:16 p.m.)

Seven minutes to post! How much information can I possibly convey... guess we'll see.

First of all, John's gone but I'm so glad he came. It was nice to hang around with someone who knew me pre-travelling. New people are great, but sometimes you need older friends around... and heaven knows I miss mine.

Also, I went down to the bank today and may finally be sorted (as Kate would say). Although they were meant to call me once they'd put my hundred quid back in my account and didn't, so I will have to call tomorrow at noon and ask about it I guess. sigh.

I applied for my NI number! (like a SIN). I had been putting off dealing with it because it involves going to an office and spending much time filling out forms. Then Ceri from the Incoming Programmes dept called yesterday and told me that the NI people had a representative in the building that day, and if I wanted I could come down and they'd fill the forms out for me! It was great and saved me taking the time off work. The only trouble was I didn't have my passport at work and had to get John to bring it to me... very sweet of him to carry it all the way across town! So that's one more thing done. whew.

And lastly, after Nicolas made a giant list of things about the flat that are really ridiculous (4 plates for 6 people, tiny fridge, no shower curtain) Steven apparently came by at some point and brought us some dishes. It's a start, at least. I hate how he just barges in, but at least in this case it resulted in new bowls. Almost too bad, though - I had just taken a leaf out of Peter's book and drafted a really strongly worded letter to give him about my opinion of the conditions! ah well.

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