est-ce je suis scrap? (2006-12-10 - 3:13 a.m.)

Je suis (un petit peu) scrap. Is that actually a word? My Quebecois flatmate in London swore it was.

Company Christmas party = way more fun than expected.

Thanks to Malcolm for fulfilling his twin duties of:

1). Not allowing me to break my ankle on the 4" heels


2). Making sure I did not embarrass myself too much.

However, he loses points on the second for telling stories about me to coworkers that THEY DID NOT NEED TO KNOW. Guess I did not need to embarrass myself! I effectively contracted it out! Monday should be interesting.

Nevertheless, drank a lot of scotch and did the polka to a cover band, so it is all good.

After the party, I rode in a limo with Rene to Whyte Ave. Rene looked very Euro-chic. I did not. However, without photo ID (on the part of the German) we could not get into very many places. Still - limo ride!

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