new place! Cool roomies! (2004-04-08 - 9:01 p.m.)

Great news! I moved my stuff into the new place, so no more sleeping in the hostel. Even better news: Francis and Rob are moving in!!! yay! To back up for a moment, they're two of the guys I was hanging out with at the hostel - Francis is Quebecois and hilarious, Rob's from Louisiana and drawly. They make a really strange pair but they get on really well, and they're moving into the double bedroom of the place (double as in two beds - like a twin room, so cheaper). I am so, so pleased that I know two of the roommates and get along well with them. I feel like I've known them much longer than I have, which I think is a good sign. So it just remains to be seen what the random English, German and French guys are like...

Anyway, I'm so happy to have a place to set my stuff down for a while. Almost giddy, in fact. Went to the Tesco for groceries and it made me SO happy to buy stuff that has to be refridgerated - because now I can!

And to top it all off, got a phone call from Peter inviting me to spend the weekend - or any weekend, in fact - with him and Diane. Very pleased. Bee from Belfast is staying with me this weekend, but if she goes early I will go to Norwich (funds permitting - the coffers are getting a bit low what with rent and damage deposit). Otherwise I will ask if I can come next weekend. I was thinking today about how lucky I am to have a place like that to go, and I will definitely be taking advantage of it! They've been so great to me and it's been such a help to have somewhere to go if I need to... and besides, can't turn down Diane's cooking!

So yep, things are looking up. Already planning a wok-buying trip sometime soon. Happy Easter Bank Holiday!

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