Rain rain Rocky rain (2005-06-18 - 6:13 p.m.)

It's raining, it's pouring, the old man is snoring...

Yep, I pick the most brilliant days to come home. It hasn't stopped raining for a week, apparently, and certainly not since I got here. There are also tornado warnings (but at least we're not flooded like Claresholm) and the water is lying all over the road. And the worms are lying all over the sidewalk. And my family is lying all over the couches, because it's too wet to do very much that's not indoors.

That being said, I've had a pretty productive day, Rocky-style. Started with a little garage-saling (I tried to explain "car boot sales" to my family, but I think we all prefer the good old Alberta classic garage sale. As Will said, it's never good to buy used goods from a person who will then drive away never to be seen again. At least with garage sales, you know where they live.) Didn't see much, though dad did gyp some poor old lady out of the full price of some chains.

Dad: "I see it's marked 50 cents, will you take 25?"

Old Lady: "Weeeellll... if that's all the money you have, I suppose..."

Dad (quickly pocketing a $5 bill): "*ahem* Here's your 50 cents."

Then Will and I went shopping. To Henry's Western Wear. Yep, you can take the girl out of Alberta... We both bought cowboy hats, for way too much money. I stand by my purchase, though: it's waterproof, packable, and will keep the sun off on my hikes. All those Edinburgh girls can keep their fake cowboy boots - I will outshine them all in my genuine Henry's cowboy hat. And Will's is even more authentic - he got an old farmer hat that manages to make him look like an old farmer even wearing his baggy jeans and t-shirt.

Then we went to Grandma's house (now inhabited by my brother Tim) to try and clean out the basement. Man, what a task. Very weird, too - I kept coming across stuff that I always liked of hers and she would always say, "Well, you can have that after I die." And I'd think, well, that will be never. You won't die, you're not allowed, because I can't imagine you not being around. And now she has and I'm sorting through her stuff, and it's all very surreal.

Anyway, my sister Grace and cousin Kate and I divvied up all the good china - she had a lot of cups and saucers of various patterns that she'd collected along the way. I got some really nice teacups, which is all I really wanted of hers... not that I can take them with me now, but if I ever get a place and stay put they will be very nice to have. Got a few other things too - an old writing box, some embroidered tablecloths... There's a lot of kitchen stuff I wouldn't mind having, but I will have to look at that another day. We shall see.

Man, though, I come by my packrat tendencies honestly. There were unopened packets of pillowcases down there from 1973. There were more than 20 boxes of angel food cake mix. There were wineglasses from my parents' wedding. Just boxes and boxes of stuff, all "too good to throw out". Of course, I kind of agree, and if I had my way we'd keep it all. Probably just as well my mom has no problem with tossing anything and everything in an effort to streamline her life.

Had a great night last night, waiting for my ride down to Rocky. Steve et al were in his backyard with a campfire and a case of beer - couldn't ask for a more summery feeling. (Just as well, since it's been raining non-stop ever since). Then Derek decided we had to play Toss the Hammer and it all went downhill from there... It was weird - I was sitting there on my lawn chair watching the fire and I suddenly had the feeling that this was my real life, and that living in Edinburgh and all the travelling I've been doing was all a dream. I stepped right back into Edmonton where I left off, and Scotland seems so far away as to not be real. Weird.

One more thing about Alberta. It is the home of the unironic mustache-and-mullet combination. Every second guy seems to have this combination. Maybe I should suggest it to Will to go with his hat.

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