raindrops keep falling on my head (2006-06-15 - 9:51 p.m.)

The Oilers are still in line for the Cup! Oooh, it was a close one last night, but Pisani pulled it off with a SHORTHANDED GOAL IN OVERTIME. Just to silence all the naysayers.

This led to the program director at work buying us all celebratory pizza. Not mine to reason why, so I just got through most of the Thai Chicken in record time.

What else is new? Well!

- I got a free ticket to see Bright Eyes, kindly donated by someone I don't know with the excellent name of Steve Unlikely. Awesome gig, all things considered. Most interesting moments included Bright Eyes chastising the crowd for singing along to a song to which he later forgot the lyrics anyway. The concert also included the statement, "I am not a flamingo expert".

I was also annoyed (though not very surprised) to find out that Shawnie was also in the audience and we were practically standing next to each other without knowing it.

- As Remkes is currently MIA somewhere over the mountains, it was left to me to pick up the Friday Feast slack. Just to make things difficult, I decided to cook Moroccan... six different dishes worth. It went pretty well, though, despite Steph's insistence on hiding the raisins on me. I got other people to do the heavy mortar and pestle work, and Lana kindly plated everything for me (as we all know I'm rotten at garnishes.) Fun!

- Saturday night I somehow managed to end up at a house party consisting entirely of gay chicks, except for me and three very nervous-looking guys. Then we went out dancing at The Roost, which was great fun. It was all cheese all night, which made for excellent dancing music. Not only did they include much Madonna and Kylie - they played both I Will Survive and YMCA. Sweet!

Rene took the opportunity to go for the full-out Euro-trash attire. We're talking unbuttoned orange and white paisley shirt with gold chains and tight jeans. I am always impressed that he can pull this sort of thing off in Edmonton.

Then we stopped at Whyte Ave to eat some very dodgy kebabs (or, in my case, green onion cakes) and watch the riot that was not in progress. I think the rain dampened down some spirits, and the zillion cops took care of the rest.

And finally, went to a house party at Shawnie's invite for a few minutes before finally calling it a night.

- Apart from that, it's just been raining a lot. But it's all good, because I am tired anyway and (this is bad) sort of happy for the excuse to not have to play soccer or otherwise do something useful.

- And finally, in case you were wondering, my road-trippin' partners both made it across the continent safely. Amy got home to Cape Breton, and Michael is currently in Washington. Huzzah!

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