a mari usque ad prairie (2006-10-14 - 6:35 p.m.)

One more night in Halifax. How sad. I really like it here, though the pouring rain is doing its best to change my mind. Went to the Citadel today (mostly because every single person asked me if I'd been yet, and looked surprised when I said no) and got absolutely drenched on the way back. Soaking, sopping, skirt-sticking-to-legs DRENCHED. Yuck.

Where did I leave off? Toronto? Didn't think much of Toronto, to be honest. But we got there at about 8 pm and left again at 11 the next morning. We didn't do much beyond wandering around and poking through a farmers' market (saw the Hockey Hall of Fame, but did not have time to go in). The train from Toronto to Montreal was great fun, mostly because we were sitting next to some very amusing guys reading Gaiety magazine and keeping up a series of hilarious monologues. They told me I look like Kirsten Dunst and lent me a copy of Hello! magazine to read on the train. Sample quote: "Oh, we MUST be in Quebec now. Look - all the leaves are so much Frencher!"

Ah yes, the leaves. By far the best part of travelling at this time of year was the fall colours. They were amazing, particularly in the Maritime bits of the trip. I tried to take some pictures but couldn't do them justice. (Also my camera stops working on a regular basis. I discovered yesterday that it starts working again if I hit it sharply).

Sadly did not see much of Montreal, as it was a very short stop before climbing on the next train. This train was very high-class and came equipped with a "Learning Coordinator" who hung out at the dome car and coordinated learning (or something - I didn't find her particularly useful).

After getting to Halifax, spent Monday wandering around cursing the fact that everything was closed. Then I called my friend from uni, Tyler, who moved here with his wife. They were just sitting down to Thanksgiving dinner.

"Where are you?"

"At a payphone on Spring Garden Road."

"What are you doing tonight?"

"Uh... gotta go find something to eat. Probably Timmy's."

"You can't go to Timmy's on Thanksgiving!"

"Yes I can."

"No you can't... come over to our place for dinner!"

And so five minutes later, I did.

So thanks to the incredible hospitality of Tyler and his wife, Amy, I had an awesome Thanksgiving. (Dinner was somewhat makeshift, since they also forgot the stores were closed - poutine sauce stood in nicely for gravy on the potatoes!)

But I see that I am over my internet time limit. Sigh... I go into email withdrawl so easily.

Back to the prairies tomorrow... bah. I like this Maritime thing.

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