the plot thickens (2006-03-09 - 12:48 p.m.)

So, um... just how long is food poisoning supposed to last? Because I feel pretty poisoned. (Unless it's the flu, of course). I'm back at work (work x 2 today, unless I really really can't handle it) (entirely possible) but not exactly feeling 100%. It's so weird - everytime I eat, I feel sick for a couple of hours afterwards. Luckily I barely feel like eating, which cuts down on it - but when I do get hungry I eat and then feel horrible. Argh!

Leslie in reception tells me it was probably the sprouts on the sandwich I had on Monday. Apparently they are known harbourers of horrible bacteria, due to having lots of crevices for things to hide and being constantly damp. Somehow, having that diagnosis does not make me feel better.

Hey, maybe it wasn't food poisoning. Maybe it was just poison! Conspirary theory time!

(I know there is the occasional person out there who mysteriously decides to no longer speak to me, but I have to doubt anyone would bother with poison. Too bad: it makes a much better story than "I ate some dodgy sprouts".)

Oh yeah, and in case anybody thought about trying this at home, the Food Poisoning Diet does not work. I am no skinnier, probably due to feeling too sick to get much exercise. I would have thought that semi-fasting for three days would have had a dramatic effect, but apparently not: my body does not give up its fat stores that easily. It's all that Eastern European peasant DNA - built to survive a famine and come out chubby.

However, I really, really hope I'm better by tomorrow night. Rem's cooking is not to be missed, and I hear it's Taiwanese food night.

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