Pi Day (2008-03-14 - 4:04 p.m.)

Happy Pi Day! (3/14 - March 14th, for those who are not Math nerds and/or write the month before the day). I sorta wish I was home eating Remkes' pie and being shouted at by Steph, so I am having a Pi Day celebration here instead. How many pies get made remains to be seen, as I had an assigment due today (handed in, yay!) and some house-cleaning and napping to do that takes precedence over pies.

The family arrives very, very soon! Mom and dad should be here Sunday, with Grandma, Lisa and Richard turning up late Monday night. I am very excited and am looking forward to Easter. So glad it came early this year... I need a break, man.

Been sick all week. I blame being stuck in a mini-bus with 20 fencers for five hours. It's mostly manifested as a horrible cough, which is interfering with sleep, class, and, er, pretty much everything else. However, the doc says it's not anything serious, so will just continue with drinking lots of fluids and trying to get some rest. wheee!

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