Good Time Party Songs (2007-01-04 - 10:18 p.m.)

So the antique shops around work are dropping like flies. I was at the one on the corner the other day (and *may* have bought another teacup, because I certainly needed more!) and ran into an amazing stroke of luck in the "free stuff" pile. They had a CD copy of The Rounders Sing Good Time Party Songs!!! I know, I couldn't believe it either.

Those of you unfortunate enough to have attended my 21st birthday party will remember a very, very annoying song called "21 Today". It's sung in an irritatingly jaunty manner and goes:

"I'm 21 today, 21 today
I've got the key in the door
Never been 21 before
And ma says I can do as I like
So shout hip hip hooray!"

etc etc

Anyway, I had that album for ages but can now no longer play it since my record player died (very upsetting). But now I have it on CD! Wheeee!

I did not notice it before having been to Glasgow, but there's a great song about Weegie-Land as well.

"I belong to Glasgow
Dear old Glasgow toon
But what's the matter with Glasgow?
For it's spinning roond and roond."

Seems to me that Edinburgh does that sometimes too, late on Saturday nights. Not that I ever experienced this first-hand, of course. Merely hearsay.

I had a tea party on Saturday in honour of Valerie. Rob and Claire came out (and I saw Cynthia today - I am thinking I should head west one of these days for a visit since the coast seems to be snagging all my friends). Just beforehand, in the midst of frantically cleaning, I got a call from a work friend asking if I wanted to go to a hockey game. She had two tickets. I said sure, after making sure Valerina was up for it. After hanging up, I suddenly realised that I hadn't actually checked what kind of hockey game we were talking. Yes, I COULD have called to check, but it was so much more interesting as a mystery! (Also, I hate calling people).

Arrived at Original Joe's to discover a table of people wearing Oilers gear. Yay! So yup, three free tickets (Chris tagged along) to Oilers vs. Canucks. It was a rotten game since the Oilers apparently forgot how to play hockey, but was greatly enjoyed by me anyway. Haven't been to the hockey in way too long.

In front of us sat the Ford Small Stars - the team of little kids they let have a quick game on the ice between periods. Mostly, they fall down a lot. They at least were seriously into the game and SO excited. To my right were some way-too-cool teenagers who started booing the Oil after the first 15 straight minutes of screwups. The little five-year-old in front of him turns around, glares, and says firmly, "Don't boo our Oilers!" Now that's loyalty.

What else? I discovered on Monday that I can still make a mean snow angel. (Matt Emmett, on the other hand, can make a mean lopsided snow turtle). Michael went to New York for New Years but it wasn't necessarily so great. So next year we're heading for Hogmanay instead. (He has also quoted The Hockey Song. I will corrupt him with Canadiana yet.)

And now it is back at work and into hibernation mode. I think I shall spend January asleep on my couch.

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