overwhelmed (2008-01-31 - 5:50 p.m.)

Still hanging in there, but just barely. Life's gotten quite overwhelming lately. It's starting to seem like everytime I turn around someone's asking me to add something else to my schedule (and this is with my supervisor [usual source of this sort of thing] in Australia, so that's saying something!) However, I'm holding it together for now, and am counting my blessings that at least I've so far avoided the black cloud of depression that seems to be afflicting many of the masters students.

Still fencing like a crazy person. In fact, have become borderline obsessed and find myself thinking about epee moves while standing in slow-moving queues and the like. Had a minor breakthrough at training yesterday (very minor - people have been telling me for weeks to get my arm out, but finally worked out how to do it and started scoring hits). There is a sports psychology masters student who wants to work with us - he's having us fill in bits of paper about what we think we need to work on, then videotaping us (nerve-wracking!) and is going to then "stage an intervention". No idea what said intervention will involve, but it certainly can't make me any WORSE...

Liam arrived safely and seems to be settling in. I am hoping to be able to keep him from skateboarding down any large hills (of which Bangor has a multitude).

Ugh, busy day of testing tomorrow. And (not ugh) socializing tonight. Should get a move on...

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