up in north ontario (2005-03-01 - 2:32 p.m.)

Somebody asked me if I was Canadian today based on my Hudson's Bay scarf! She was from London, Ontario (and made me my subway sandwich). This scarf is a little more subtle than the big ol' Maple Leaf, but apparently it still gets the point across. Thanks Judith.

On that note, I'd like to say:

Up in North Ontario
A barber met a bear-i-o
And cut his curly hair-i-o
Up in North Ontario.

Thank you.

(and thank you to Dennis Lee).

So I'm pretty burnt out today. It was a crazy, crazy couple of days and I haven't been sleeping well at all. (Probably partially to do with extra people in my room, and partially just my usual strange sleep patterns). (Though I wouldn't rule out Steph's snoring!)

Steph and Remkes got here Thursday night, just in time for the most miserable weather of the winter. Not really saying much, though. They stopped by after work and I took them home and fed them what I thought was a pretty yummy meal. Apparently Rem's stomach didn't agree, though, because he spent the evening locked in the bathroom and the night hugging a bucket, just in case.

Friday I had to work, so Steph and Rem amused themselves. That night we went to the Literary Pub Tour, which I highly recommend. Totally different actors this time, but just as well done. Rem and I sampled a couple of drams of Single Malt, which was very yummy. Ended up talking to a potential art school student from doon sooth, who looked exactly like every other potential art school student in the country. I swear, they must issue them a manual: long floppy hair, artfully swept over their eyes, narrow jeans or trousers, some kind of military-style jacket. I actually think it's kind of cute, but it's certainly not individual!

We had an early night because Steph decided to get sick as well, and a late start on Saturday due to me sleeping in. Then we went up the Mile, Steph to the Castle (which I will see some day!) and Rem and I to the Scotch Whisky Heritage Centre. All I have to say about that is, there was definitely more corn and cheese being peddled than whisky. I don't think I've ever seen the like. There was the obligatory hologram "ghost", which I actually kind of liked, but then there was a truly dire "barrel ride" through moth-eaten sets that claims to show the history of the whisky trade. The weird thing is, there was actually a lot of really interesting information, presented in the corniest manner possible. weird. I was interested to find out the difference in method for making single malt whisky versus grain whisky - grain whisky is infinitely quicker, which is why so much blended whisky is for sale.

Anyway, I got some quite useful information and a whisky-tasting glass, so the visit was not in vain.

Saturday was actually really crazy busy. After doing the tourist attractions, we went to Plasir de Chocolat (can you guess why it's my favorite place on the Royal Mile?) for tea and massive slabs of insanely chocolately cake. Steph couldn't finish hers, which is no huge surprise, but I couldn't finish hers either! Almost never happens that I can't finish a piece of cake. It was some rich, as the Newfies say.

Anyway, after that little interlude, we also managed to climb Arthur's Seat! I'm not sure why I haven't done this before - mostly because of lack of days off and daylight. It lived up to everything I've heard about it - gorgeous hike, gorse everywhere, amazing view of the city etc. With the added bonus of a bit of a ruined abbey storehouse, which I didn't know was there.

And, as if we hadn't managed enough for the day, we went home, ate a quick dinner (of crepes that didn't quite work, should have borrowed Shannon's crepe pan) and headed out to a ceilidh! It was a fundraiser for Scottish Wildlife and was good fun as always. Steph and Rem obliged by liking it as much as I knew they would, and Brad the Aussie came along so I wasn't left partnerless. A good time was had by all, and once again my calves were killing me the next day.

But I think I'll leave it there for now - even writing about Saturday is making me feel exhausted...

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