meant to post this Jan 1 but did not (2007-01-02 - 8:47 a.m.)

Happy 2007! I rang in the New Year in a basement disco full of pulsating neon skulls, how about you?

So, 2006. Not too fascinating a year, as a whole. However, I did manage to:

- get out of debt (and even save a wee bit of cash - new laptop here I come!)
- move into MY OWN PLACE, which I love more each day
- get a "real job", even if just because I look so sweet and clean-cut
- become the VLookUp princess of the office (coworker Gina is still the queen) and learn to make many interesting-looking graphs in SPSS
- go to Yellowstone, Yellowknife and Halifax (and of course Prince Edward Island, finally), and also ride the train across the country - a goal of mine for years. Thanks grandma!

So all in all, a pretty good year. That list, by the way, is in lieu of Resolutions, since my resolution is always the same: see more places, learn more skills and make it more interesting this year than last...

backwards ~ onwards

Tell me about it...

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