oh boy! Even more photos! (2007-11-09 - 4:36 p.m.)

Okay folks, moving on to the Bangor High Street (longest in the UK, you know!)

Cob's Records


The cathedral, which is what officially makes Bangor a city.

and the entrance to the Bible Gardens out back

Other points of interest: the Yellow Pub (so called as no one can pronounce the Welsh name).

And afterwards, you'll want to stop at the chippy.

I just liked this photo

Bangor's VERY hilly and full of random archways and pretty stone walls.

I thought this was pretty.

That's the Yellow Pub, way down there!

The presence of roadworks is constant.

This is part of my school: Main Arts, the oldest bit. Nice, eh?

And this is the inside. Sometimes I can't believe how beautiful they used to make buildings. As opposed to now.

A closeup of that weird mural.

And finally: this sign still makes me giggle every time. (This is the entrance to the giant hill-of-doom, scourge of freshers).

backwards ~ onwards

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